Stop wasting your digital budget to ad fraud.

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Here's what Opticks can do for your business:
  • Analyze all your traffic sources for fraudulent patterns

  • Detect the traffic sources that are putting your revenues at risk

  • Identify and prevent auto-subscriptions

  • Detect repeated subscribers

  • Block all bots and non-human conversions

  • Allow for risk management 

  • Boost your marketing budget

  • Detect specific MVAS industry vulnerabilities such as MSISDN injection, clickjacking, and many more!


The easiest way for digital marketers to detect ad fraud

Did you know that $42 billion is the forecasted loss to digital advertisers due to fraudulent activities? Don't waste your budget on ad fraud!

Opticks analyzes traffic sources in real time, protecting your inventory against bots, unwanted and repeated subscriptions and non-human conversions. 

Amazing Features

  • Machine learning algorithm that detects the most advanced fraud technics
  • Simple and intuitive dashboard that allows customers to spend less time deciphering information and more time doing what they do best
  • Conversion rate threshold for incentivized traffic
  • Granular fraud detection that allows for risk management

Manage risks flexibly

Opticks gives you a complete vision of traffic quality, letting you manage risks as it is best for your business.


Flexible and simple integration

Different integration methods to cover all possible scenarios in just a matter of seconds.


Prevent auto subscriptions

Our technology identifies even the most advanced bots who simulate user behavior without authorization.


Fast & furious technology

Modern, legacy-free technology built for redundancy and horizontal scalability.


Filippo Rancan

Founder at Conversion Minds

Jordi Andreu Reto Global

Opticks offers peace of mid because you're buying traffic from different sources and there's a lot of fraud out there. You could track fraud yourself, but fraudsters are getting smarter and smarter. It becomes ineffective"

Nuria Campá

KAM at OnMobile Global

Nuria campa OnMobile Global

"Opticks analyses our traffic in real time, allowing us to cut fraudsters before they result in fake conversions."

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